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Insurance for photographers and their camera equipment 

When calamity strikes and you damage a major piece of photographic equipment or have some of your equipment stolen, the price to repair or replace can be high - financially and emotionally.

Take the worry away by insuring your camera or video equipment with Photoguard.

Reasons to choose Photoguard

  • Flexible cover options - you create the cover you want
  • Mechanical Breakdown option for equipment outside of its warranty
  • Only £50 excess to pay on your claim
  • Cover up to £50,000 of photographic equipment
  • Thousands of photographers choose Photoguard every year

Questions to consider when protecting your camera kit

If you use your home insurance then ensure you review your policy as some providers will limit the type of cover available for photography and video equipment.

Some of the areas we recommend you check:

  • What is the maximum amount of cover available for equipment taken out of the home?
  • Will your policy cover accidental damage or theft when you are out and about with your equipment?
  • Is the claim excess high? A Photoguard policy has an excess of just £50.
  • Does your home insurance cover you for travel both in the UK and abroad?
  • Does your policy cover you if your camera kit is stolen from your vehicle or damaged?
  • Is mechanical breakdown covered for equipment that is outside of its warranty?
  • If you are using the equipment as a professional photographer (we define this as someone who earns more than 50% of their income from photography) you may not be able to claim

For real peace of mind, visit our website and see how Photoguard can protect your equipment.

Policy cover Select policy PRO policy
Excess £50 £50
Maximum total equipment value £25,000 £50,000
Maximum single item limit £10,000 £15,000
Mechanical breakdown cover optional optional
In-vehicle cover optional optional
UK cover - 20 days Yes Yes
EU cover - 30 days optional optional
Worldwide cover optional optional
Public liability (£1 million) optional Yes
Increased Public Liability option No £2 or £5 million
Associates liability cover* No optional
Personal accident Optional £5,000 limit £10,000 limit
Hire cover limit £1,000 £2,000
Props cover No Yes
Accidental damage to portfolio No Yes
Professional indemnity available available

*Associates can be fellow photographers or assistants who work with you, this will cover them for third party claims made against them.