The Disabled Photographers' Society: How to get involved

Who Are the Disabled Photographers’ Society?

The Disabled Photographers Society was formed in 1968 and is a registered national charity for disabled photographers in the UK.

Originally created to help make photography accessible to those with disabilities, it is run by a team of dedicated volunteers, most of whom are disabled photographers themselves. They have developed a broad knowledge of the ways in which photography can be made accessible, often with just a few simple modifications, which has allowed them to open up a whole new world of possibilities to those who would otherwise struggle to operate a camera.

What Do They Do?

The Disabled Photographers’ Society act as an important source of information for all aspects of photography for people with disabilities.

The society has continually developed over the years to allow its members to embrace the latest digital technologies. There are three levels of distinction which set a recognised standard of photographic achievement for members:

1. LDPS (Licentiateship)

Images of a high standard of photographic execution. This level is achievable for most dedicated photographers with applicants needing to show variety in their approach and techniques but not necessarily in the subject matter.

2. ADPS (Associateship)

Images of an exceptional standard and a written Statement of Intent (covering what you hoped to achieve). This is the next level up from the LDPS and at this stage creative ability and personal style (what makes your work unique to you), along with complete control of the technical aspects of photography need be evident. It is at this level that you can first choose to submit your work to a particular specialist category. It is possible to apply for an ADPS without having first achieved an LDPS, and this level is not recommended for anyone that has not first gained considerable experience in photography.

3. FDPS (Fellowship)

Images must be of an outstanding photographic and creative standard as this level represents the highest level of distinction. They also need to be accompanied by a Statement of Intent. A clear personal style is expected at this stage and applicants need to have achieved the ADPS before applying for the FDPS.

How can you get involved?

Membership to the Disabled Photographers Society is only available to UK residents. If you are interested in finding out more, or joining, you can do so on the DPS website.

Membership starts from just £10 per year for an individual, £15 if you just want to support the society or £25 if you are running a group for disabled people.