The top locations in the UK for wildlife photography!

The British countryside, whilst not as exotic as the African plains or tropical rainforests of South America, still has amazing opportunities for wildlife photographers. People of all abilities can hone their skills and capture some beautiful shots of British wildlife in their natural environments.

At photoGuard we've rounded up a list of our 15 favourite places from across the country, so you can find a location (whether near or far) to photograph some of the most interesting wild animals in the UK. If you decide to take your camera and go explore one of the below locations, don't forget to share your shots with us on Facebook and on Twitter @photoGuardInsurance, as we'd love to see what pictures you manage to capture of the Great British wildlife! But remember, some of the best shots of wildlife are taken from observing and waiting for the wildlife to approach you, so don't beat yourself up if you don't manage to get that perfect shot first time round.

Here's our shortlist

1. Aigas Field Centre

  • What: Pine Martens, red squirrels and Scottish wildcats
  • Best time of year: Any time of year
  • Where: Scottish Highlands
  • Aigas

2. Red squirrel jumping hide

  • What: Red squirrel
  • Best time: Early mornings, all year round
  • Where: Scottish Highlands
  • Guided Retreats

3. Farne Isles

  • What: Guillemots, razorbills, eider duck, shag and Arctic terns
  • Best time: May & June are best for nesting birds
  • Where: Off the Northumberland cost
  • Farne Islands

4. Tom Way Fox Hide

5. Donna Nook

6. Slimbridge WWT

7. Lundy Island

  • What: Puffin
  • Best time: May-July
  • Where: In the Bristol Channel
  • Lundy Island

8. Gigrin Farm

  • What: Red kites
  • Best time: Jan-Nov
  • Where: Powys
  • Gigrin Farm

9. Skomer

  • What: Puffin, guillemots and razorbills
  • Best time: May-July
  • Where: Pembrokeshire
  • Skomer Island

10. Bar Brook on Big Moor

  • What: Red deer
  • Best time: Early morning, October
  • Where: Derbyshire
  • Big Moor

11. Natures Hides

12. Brownsea Island

  • What: Red squirrel and Avocet
  • Best time: Red squirrels all year round, early in the year for winter bird visitors
  • Where: Poole
  • Brownsea Island

13. Bushy Park

  • What: Red and fallow deer
  • Best time: Autumn
  • Where: Richmond
  • Bushy Park

14. Broughton Burrows

  • What: Whitethroat, stonechats and linnet
  • Best time: Spring
  • Where: Devon
  • Devon Biosphere

15. Bass Rock

If you can't make it to one of the places above, don't worry, as wherever you live in UK there will be wildlife around you – whether it's in a local wood, nature reserve or stretch of coastline. It's worth finding a patch near your home where you can spend time learning about local wildlife. It will also help you develop your skills as a wildlife photographer.