Start your next photography project for a rainy day

Despite the glorious sunny, dry weather we occasionally get in summer, we know all good things must come to an end. When the weather starts to change and the rain returns, don't let it stop you from picking up your camera, trying out some new skills and making the most of a rainy day.

We've rounded up a list of photography projects to keep you occupied when the rain descends, from indoor photography to using the rain to give a different perspective to the world around you.

1. Raindrops on a window

It may seem the most basic of things, but capturing rain droplets on windowpanes, whether in your home, on a shop window or a car windshield can create some creative abstract images, especially if you focus up close on the water droplets and play with the depth of field.

2. Effects of rain

Rainy days can bring new opportunities for capturing moments that otherwise don't exist, from water flowing from roofs and drainpipes, fuller streams and waterfalls and even just falling rain. Beads of rain on plants, wildlife and other surfaces can also give a new perspective for you to photograph and the perfect opportunity to try out a macro shot.

3. Reflections

Following a downpour, rain can help transform a landscape, with reflections or ripples in puddles, helping to provide a different view of a setting you're already familiar with. But remember if you're heading outside and it's pouring with rain to make sure your camera has a weather sealing to protect it from the wet conditions. To find out more about weather-proofing your camera, have a read of our 7 tips to protecting your photography gear right here.

4. Table top studio

If you decide that inside is where you want to stay on a rainy day, well we don't blame you! But that doesn't mean you have to miss out on brushing up your photography skills. Still life can give you opportunity to try something different, whether that's photographing flowers, a family heirloom or just a cup of coffee. You can also play with lighting and different backgrounds to help enhance the shot.

5. Reprocessing images

With photography, creating the perfect image doesn't just depend on capturing the shot, there's also time spent on editing images to bring out the best quality or to enhance or add your own personal style. Whatever approach you take, and whichever software you favour, there are bound to be new controls you haven't tested or previous images that you could re-edit to make the most of a rainy day.

6. Creating a photo book

If you're a keen photographer no doubt you'll have thousands of images stored on SD cards and hard-drives, so why not take the opportunity to look through your shots and select the best ones to create your own photo book - whether it's for you or as a gift for someone. Just remember to pick a paper type and finish that really showcases your images.

Whether you decide to venture out in your waterproofs or stay inside in the dry, don't forget to share what photos you take with us on Facebook – or any other suggestions or tips for rainy day shots!