What is the Best Camera for Vlogging?

At photoGuard we protect all kinds of photography equipment including video cameras used by Vloggers. Here is our six-step guide to find the best cameras for vlogging.

Vlogging is bigger than ever with many young entrepreneurs realising they can make a living travelling the world, as long as they share their adventures. Video content has spread beyond just YouTube and Vimeo and is increasingly popular on social networks. Facebook Live and PhotoGuard's Instagram allow vloggers to connect with global audiences, which in turn attracts the attention of big companies looking for influencer marketing.

However, the proliferation of content has also meant that its quality must be higher to stand out, and a shaky, poor quality video just won't cut it anymore. Serious vloggers are investing in high-quality equipment (including drones for those dramatic aerial panoramas) so they can make short form social content, documentaries and films for distribution via various networks. And with our handy guide you too can join the ranks of the superstar vloggers and get great video content from your camera. Here's the top five considerations when choosing a camera.

1. Do your research

A good place to start is with your peers. Find a vlogger that you like and then work out what kind of camera they use. For instance, the YouTuber FunForLouis uses a Canon Powershot G7x. Study their work. Is this the kind of stuff you want to be producing? It's about finding the right camera for your style. Then you can work out the different price points and narrow down which camera is right for you.

2. What kind of video camera can I afford?

Luckily 2016 welcomed a whole new era of 4K video streaming cameras, and in the years since, there have been more and more models to choose from. But all 4K cameras are not created equal due to the use of different sensors, capture methods and output possibilities. Generally, with video cameras it's not the camera you pay for, but the lenses. Top end DSLRs can become very expensive as the combination of lenses available is endless.

3. Pixels

The mega-pixel sensor on your video camera is what will define the quality of the picture and is a key component. A top of the range camera might shoot at above 40 mega-pixels, but you can still get a good shot with 24 mega-pixels. A camera with great pixel capacity for video is the Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G85MK. It has a 16 mega-pixel Micro Four Thirds lens with 4K-enabled video. That allows you to stream 4K video at 100 Mbps, or film Full HD at 28 Mbps.

4. Resolution

Your camera resolution will be measured in K and you'll want at least 4K, though some models such as the Sony Alpha a6500 shoot in 6K. Do bear in mind what format the resolution is shot in when looking for a good vlogging camera.

5. Focus

You may also want to choose a camera which has an autofocus feature such as the Canon D70 which really stands out among DSLRs for its continuous autofocus capabilities. It's used by none less than the super blogger Zoella - which is a ringing endorsement if ever there was one! The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G85MK also has a nifty feature in the post focus mode which allows you to re-choose the focus of an image while editing.

6. Durability

If you spend top dollar on a camera, you'll want to make sure it lasts a lifetime. All the different camera brands have their pluses and minuses but reading reviews helps to identify flaws as people often only write reviews when they want to complain. Find the camera you think you want based on the specs above and then trawl through the reviews to see whether it's worth the money. Amazon and photo retailers such as Wex and Clifton Cameras, are good places to start – although a visit to your local specialist camera store will give that invaluable 'hands-on' experience as well as professional advice! There is also a testing plan to see how many shutter cycles a camera will last so bear this in mind and compare and contrast when purchasing.

Cameras that are weather-proof and dustproof are likelier to go the distance. When you look at durability, battery life is also important. Anyone with an iPhone will know how annoying it is when a high-quality product is let down by having to recharge it all the time! Though expensive, the battery of a camera such as the Sony ar711 will last for hours which is an essential feature if you're planning on doing a long shoot outdoors.