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Security requirements

Requirements when on the road

Accidental damage

  • Equipment is not covered for accidental damage when in transit unless it is stored in a rigid bodied case or purpose designed proprietary padded case.


Equipment must be stored in a locked luggage compartment of a vehicle and will only be covered when:

  • All doors and windows are left closed and locked
  • Theft occurred by forcible and violent entry
  • All security devices installed in the vehicle are in operation
  • The vehicle used is completely road legal
  • All windows and locks are capable of totally securing the vehicle.
  • When at the insured location property should be removed from your vehicle and stored within the insured location.

For equipment over £10,000 (or an individual item over £3,000)

In addition to the requirements above:

  • The vehicle must be fitted with a Thatcham category 1 or 2 alarm/immobiliser
  • If the immobiliser is not factory fitted, it must have been installed by an approved installer, and evidence of such must be provided in the event of a claim.

For trailers

In addition to the requirements above:

  • The trailer must be attached to the vehicle by a shackle bolt

(Note: items are only covered in a trailer when the vehicle is stolen at the same time).

For hatchback, four-wheel drive, MPV, SUV and estate cars

In addition to the requirements above:

  • If equipment is stored in the rear of the vehicle, a factory-fitted cover must be in place and if not available, the equipment must be out of sight
  • A minimum of a Thatcham approved Category 3 steering lock immobiliser must be fitted to the vehicle.

For vans or minibus

In addition to the requirements above:

  • The windows must be obscured
  • The equipment must be in a compartment not accessible from the driver's area, or where the compartment is accessible, the property must be kept out of sight.

When outside of the UK

When it is impossible to comply with the Thatcham requirements above in respect of loaned, hired or borrowed vehicles, theft will only be covered if the vehicle is fitted with a factory fitted alarm or immobiliser and evidence of its existence must be provided

Security requirements

Requirements for your home or studio

Requirements when out and about

The information displayed is for guidance only and no contract or contract term is implied - only the policy wording can be taken as a binding contract.

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