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Photoguard photographer insurance

Photoguard offer a number of insurance solutions for photographers - whether you need public liability cover, photographic equipment cover or professional indemnity, we have a product that should fit your needs.

Many photographers are unaware of the risks they face and the need for suitable insurance, but what covers what?

Public liability insurance for photographers

Public liability insurance covers photographers against third party claims (ie claims from other members of the public). These claims can be for injury or damage that you may have directly or indirectly caused to another person or their property. For example, if you left your gadget bag lying on a pathway at a wedding and someone tripped over it and injured themselves, you would be liable for any compensation that person sought. Another example would be that your camera and tripod topple over and scratch a nearby car, again the owner of that vehicle would be able to claim against you for compensation.

Photoguard offer public liability insurance as an option on the Select cover and included as standard with the Pro level cover. Photographers can extend the public liability insurance to £5 million if required.

If you only need public liability cover, have a look at Liabilityguard - our sister site dedicated to public liability insurance.

Professional indemnity insurance for photographers

Professional indemnity provides essential cover, so that in the event a photographer finds themselves in dispute with a client, the cost of defending any allegations or claims made against them are paid, or compensation is paid to the client.

For example:

  1. You turn up at a photo shoot without your camera and your client has to pay for additional studio time. You may be liable for the cost of re-shooting the event.
  2. You shoot a wedding and accidentally wipe your digital storage media, losing all of their pictures. That couple would most likely be requiring a significant amount of compensation.

You can take out professional indemnity insurance just after taking out Photoguard insurance for your photographic equipment. You'll details will be passed across to our sister site Indemnityguard and the check out process will be nice and quick.

Photographic equipment insurance

It pretty much goes without saying that photographic equipment insurance covers cameras, lenses, lighting, filters and all those other bits and pieces that sit in a typical gadget bag. More often nowadays laptops and desktop computers are also very regular pieces of equipment for photographers.

Photoguard photographic equipment insurance covers against theft and accidental damage, as well as providing a wealth of other options to ensure you get the cover you actually need.

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