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Public liability and personal accident

What is public liability?

Public liability is also known as third party liability and personal liability. This cover protects you against third party claims for injury or damage to people or property - so, for example, in the event that a lighting stand you set up falls onto a member of the public and causes injury or damage - that person could claim against you for compensation.

Photoguard Select offers £1 million public liability cover as an option bundled with the personal accident cover.

With Photoguard PRO £1 million public liability cover is included as standard, but you can choose to increase cover to £2 or £5 million.

You can also choose to extend your liability cover to colleagues or assistants if you take out Photoguard PRO. We call them 'associates'. They can also choose to take the standard level of cover or upgrade to £2 or £5 million.

If you don't have any photographic equipment to insure but still require liability cover, have a look at our Liabilityguard website for our standalone liability cover.

What is personal accident cover?

If you were to personally suffer injury whilst using your photographic equipment, Photoguard provides cover up to £10,000 (PRO) or £5,000 (Select) for death and permanent total disablement or £5,000 (PRO) or £2,500 (Select) for loss of limb or eye. This is included with every Photoguard Select public liability extension or Photoguard PRO policy.

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