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Natural history television’s love affair with Gorillas and great apes

Looking into the deep brown eyes of a gorilla or chimpanzee feels like looking into the eyes of our ancestors; our living relatives. It’s this connection that makes it easy to see the appeal of these great apes, which is why wildlife photographers and documentary makers keep focusing on these beautiful animals. read more...

Seven tips to protect your photography gear

Bad weather can often make for more interesting images, so ensuring you are taking care of your photographic equipment is critical when braving the elements. Whilst most high-end cameras are weather sealed, they will not withstand prolonged exposure to rain, snow or intense humidity, moist conditions are your camera’s number one enemy. read more...

Photography essentials for a safari

Planning an African safari is often the start of a trip of a lifetime and a dream come true for any keen photographer. The chance to get up close with incredible animals, in their natural habitat, with the backdrop of a Kenyan sunset or the big skies of Tanzania, offers tantalising opportunities for some great shots. However, as well as planning the list of must-see animals, travel insurance should be top of the list of things to sort out soon after you’ve booked your trip. read more...

Wild about Photography

After 20 years as a specialist photography insurer, we know how important it is to protect the things that matter in life.

That’s why we’re sponsoring the launch of renowned UK wildlife photographer Margot Raggett’s new photography project: Remembering Great Apes and helping raise funds to safeguard the future of these beautiful creatures.

And to mark the occasion, we want you to get involved raising money for wildlife conservation as you improve your wildlife photography skills. Whether you’re an enthusiastic newbie or already a serious photographer looking to hone your photographic skills you’ll find insight, inspiration and guidance on protecting you and your kit. read more...

What is the best camera for video blogging?

Vlogging is bigger than ever with many young entrepreneurs realising they can make a living travelling the world, as long as they share their adventures. Video content has spread beyond just YouTube and Vimeo and is increasingly popular on social networks. Facebook Live and Instagram Stories allow vloggers to connect with global audiences, which in turn attracts the attention of big companies looking for influencer marketing. read more...

What makes a good digital camera, and which should I buy?

You need to consider the following: Do you want a simple point-and-shoot to carry in your pocket or purse camera, or are you going on a safari to capture the hard-to-photograph leopard?. read more...

How to give back

Have you been touched by the #WildAboutPhotography campaign and what to know more on how you can give back? Here are 4 ways on how YOU can get involved and help wildlife conservation. read more...

Top UK Photography Hotspots

The British countryside, whilst not as exotic as the African plains or tropical rainforests of South America, there are still plenty of opportunities for wildlife photographers of all abilities to hone their skills and capture some beautiful shots of British wildlife in their natural environments. read more...

Photography Projects for a rainy day

Despite the glorious sunny, dry weather we’ve been treated to this summer, we know all good things must come to an end. When the weather starts to change and the rain returns, don’t let it stop you from picking up your camera, trying out some new skills and making the most of a rainy day. read more...

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