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own cover
Cover options
  • Public Liability
  • Personal accident
  • Hire cover
  • UK cover
  • EU cover
  • Worldwide cover
  • Breakdown cover
  • In vehicle cover
  • Associate only

Insurance for photographers and their essential equipment from Photoguard

Reasons to choose Photoguard

  • Flexible cover options - you create the cover you want
  • Our easy to use site makes it simple!
  • Cover up to £50,000 of photographic equipment
  • Over 10,000 photographers already on cover
  • Contact us now

Please be aware that if your policy is incepted on or after 2nd January 2013, there is a compulsory £50 excess in place of a £100 minimum claim amount.

Policy cover Select policy PRO policy
Excess £50 £50
Maximum total equipment value £25,000 £50,000
Maximum single item limit £10,000 £15,000
Mechanical breakdown cover optional optional
In-vehicle cover optional optional
UK cover Yes Yes
EU cover optional optional
Worldwide cover optional optional
Public liability (£1 million) optional Yes
Increased Public Liability option No £2 or £5 million
Associates liability cover** No optional
Personal accident (£5,000 limit) optional No
Personal accident (£10,000 limit) No Yes
Hire cover limit £1,000 £2,000
Flexicover* No optional
Props cover No Yes
Accidental damage to portfolio No Yes
Professional indemnity available available
*Flexicover - if you only take up to 50% of your equipment value away from your home or studio, we charge you less.
**Associates can be fellow photographers or assistants who work with you, this will cover them for third party claims made against them.