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Why buy Photoguard camera equipment insurance?

It's a sad fact that camera equipment theft has become quite common place now. A camera bag full of lenses, camera bodies, filters and flashguns is an irresistible target for thieves, who can use the internet to easily (and namelessly) sell on stolen goods. Even putting aside the issues of accidental damage, theft itself has become reason enough to get a decent level of camera equipment insurance.

You may think that your home contents cover provides adequate insurance for your camera equipment. Sadly that's not always the case; many household insurers will impose strict limitations on the maximum value of equipment or may not cover cameras if you take them out of the home. You might also find that once you specify the items you have, the increase in premium would have afforded you better cover with a specialist camera equipment insurer like Photoguard.

We find that the most common claims are theft from the person (especially from backpacks or rucksacks) or from a location where equipment is being used and accidental damage, usually arising from dropping equipment or tripping whilst filming.

How to reduce the chances of camera equipment theft

  • When you're not using your camera, do not have it on view or carry it around your neck
  • Use the hotel safe to secure your camera when not in use
  • Try to stay alert when you have your equipment with you on a long journey, attach the strap or tie it to your person if you are going to be asleep for any part of the journey
  • Do not leave it in a taxi whilst getting out to pay the driver, you camera will almost certainly be worth more than the fare!

How to reduce the chances of accidental damage to your photographic equipment

  • When photographing at difficult angles put the strap over your wrist to avoid dropping the camera
  • Do not take valuable items white water rafting, bungee jumping or on a bamboo raft, where the chances of a loss occurring are hugely enhanced
  • Ensure that, when the equipment is in transit, it is in a rigid body case to minimise damage. Alternatively take it on the plane as hand luggage where possible.

We don't want to put any photographer off travelling to foreign countries, but if you are venturing to exotic lands, please take great care and above all, take out some appropriate camera equipment insurance.

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