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Camcorder insurance from Photoguard

Camcorder users face exactly the same insurance risks as photographers, in fact it's easier to think of camcorders and cameras as different sides of the same coin. Both use optics, storage media and the same kind of electronics. Photoguard insurance covers both camcorders and cameras (and have done since 2001) and are one of the UK's leading camcorder insurance providers.

Photoguard operate a unique 'create your own cover' system. You save money on your camcorder insurance by only paying for the options you actually need! If you don't need public liability cover…why pay for it?

Photoguard often lead the way when it comes to ground breaking insurance for camcorders and cameras. Our website is incredibly easy to use - you can see an online quote in seconds, update the options and the premium changes instantly…it's so easy! If you want to take out cover, you can do so there and then – once you've completed your application, you're covered. Of course if you want to add items or change a piece of equipment, just login to your policy and make the changes yourself online - there's no need to call us and you can do this whenever suits you best - any time of day.

Photoguard – the award winning camcorder insurance site

Thanks to the slick website, advanced functionality and easy to read, plain English text, Photoguard was awarded 5 stars by the GoodWebGuide. They said this:

“With their instant online quotes, for anyone looking for camera equipment insurance, Photoguard is the place to shop. Using the web to the best effect, Photoguard can reduce their costs and pass this on in the form of cheaper premiums.

"Photoguard is the company's third insurance product, offering great flexibility and range of cover. Despite being cribbed by countless other companies, Photoguard still offers some of the best deals on the market.”

GWG verdict:

So if you're looking for camcorder insurance, you've come to the right place - Photoguard, the UK's favourite camcorder insurance provider.

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