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Over 20 years of seriously good insurance

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Guardcover is a leading brand of specialist leisure insurance, focused on fulfilling the insurance needs of cyclists, musicians, photographers, golfers, property owners and pet owners since 1998.

We have built our reputation on understanding the needs of our customers to support the development of our product range whilst delivering great service to provide customers with the support they need through the insurance journey. Our in-depth knowledge of cycling, music, photography, property and pet care spans over 20 years of serving the insurance requirements of thousands of keen amateurs, professionals and pet owners. So whatever you are serious about, we'll help protect it.

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In an increasingly connected world there are more opportunities to share, engage and indulge in our interests. Whether it’s entering sportives, playing gigs or going on a golf or photography holiday – there's a world of choice. But the more fulfilling and rewarding our interests become, the more expensive it is to keep them up. If you have accumulated equipment and assets worth thousands of pounds, through doing what matters to you, standard policies just don’t match up. You need insurance that goes beyond a regular household contents policy - specialist insurance from a provider who understands how much these things mean to you. The Guardcover range from Thistle Insurance Services is here to provide the cover you need for the things you’re serious about. Our policies aim to meet your complex needs, so you can rest assured that when buying a Guardcover product, you have access to seriously good insurance.

Our partners

It’s not just over 20 years of experience that we offer, our partnerships with leading organisations, associations and events are testament to the high regard in which we are held in the markets in which we operate and we're proud to partner with each and every one. Find out more about our partners below. 


Remembering Wildlife

We took great pride in sponsoring the 'Remembering Great Apes' photography project - the third book in the highly acclaimed Remembering Wildlife series - which helped raise awareness and funds to protect and care for great apes across Africa and Asia in conjunction with the Born Free Foundation.

We know how important it is to protect these fantastic animals so future generations can learn about them, visit their habitats, and capture their own wonderful images. So, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the people working tirelessly to help improve the welfare of great apes around the world.

To find out more about this inspiring photography project, founded by Margot Raggett visit Remembering Great Apes.

Image credit: Daryl Balfour.

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