*Price based on a camera and drone worth £800, in a CO9 postcode area. Annual premium of £49.58. Prices are correct as at 23/09/19

Cover for Drones

Protect your camera and drone from £4.13 per month*

*Price based on a camera and drone worth £800, in a CO9 postcode area. Annual premium of £49.58. Prices are correct as at 23/09/19

Key features

Our cover only includes drones if they are being insured along with your photographic equipment. The introduction of drones has taken the world of photography to another level. Using a quadcopter or drone to take to the skies means you can capture some truly incredible panoramic views. However, we know that drones can be expensive and that’s why our insurance has been designed to protect your eye in the sky. Unfortunately, we cannot cover drones that are used for commercial purposes and Public Liability cover does not apply to any use or ownership of a drone or UAV.

You must comply with all legal requirements for drone use as well as all Civil Aviation Authority Guidelines.

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Equipment Cover

Our insurance is designed for your camera equipment. That's why we can cover against theft, accidental damage, vandalism and even damage caused by flooding. Security requirements apply.


In-Vehicle Cover

We know theft is an issue and you may want to cover photography equipment which is stored in the car. Our In-Vehicle Cover is automatically included. Storage and vehicle security requirements apply.

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Equipment Hire

Making a claim with us and still need a drone? It’s covered as part of our claims service. Up to £2,000 equipment hire available if you need it.

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New for Old Cover

No value depreciation on your camera and kit when you use our approved claims service, which are all handled in-house by our own photography claims team – no outsourcing to a third party. Evidence of ownership is needed if you make a claim.

Our optional extras

Want even more from your cover? If you’ve got projects lined up abroad, or if you need extra reassurance when you’re working closer to home, our extended covers might be just what you need. You can choose to protect your gear wherever you roam, or extend your cover against liability claims in case something goes wrong.

Worldwide camera insurance

Global Travel 

30 days of travel cover not enough? If you’re planning a worldwide adventure, you can extend your policy to include 365 days of global travel cover.

More about the cover for your drone

Want to find out even more about our cover? If you're wondering about what's included in your drone insurance, or have a few questions about drones themselves, then we've included a few answers for you below.

Can I get cover for my drone or UAV?

Yes, we can insure drones/UAV's, as long as they are used as part of your photographic or filming activity. There are some important requirements and exclusions to be aware of:

  • Cover will only apply if you have complied with the legal requirements for drone/UAV operation and any Civil Aviation Authority guidelines.
  • Drones/UAVs are not covered under the Lend To A Friend, Public Liability, Personal Accident or Mechanical Breakdown sections of cover.
  • Drones/UAVs are not covered for any accidental damage that occurs within the first 21 days of the drone / UAV being added to your Insurance Schedule as an insured item.
  • We cannot cover any loss related to drone flyaway and where the drone cannot be recovered.

What value should I cover my drone for?

If you're looking into cover for your drone, then for items that can be readily replaced with a new one (or with a similar model), the value should be the usual, undiscounted cost including VAT from a reputable retailer at the time you apply.

Can I get cover for my drone when travelling abroad?

We can provide cover for your drone if you're travelling abroad, but this depends on the options you choose. Included as standard with your policy, you are covered anywhere in the UK and up to 30 days worldwide in total during your period of insurance. If you need more extensive cover, you can choose our Global Travel option, which will extend your worldwide cover for the full policy period.

Does Public Liability & Personal Accident cover apply to my drone?

Our Public Liability & Personal Accident cover will insure against incidents relevant to your photographic and filming activity. Unfortunately, it does not cover any liability or accident linked to the use or ownership of a drone/UAV.

Does my insurance cover me if I'm flying abroad?

This depends on the exact circumstances and what options were available to you, but it is advisable that you carry your equipment as cabin luggage. If government or airline restrictions prevent this, you may want to assess if you need to take all of your equipment with you. Provided the equipment is in a purpose designed equipment case, it is covered for accidental damage. Theft is covered, provided you can demonstrate forcible entry into the bag or suitcase. We regret that loss of baggage containing your equipment is not covered with photoGuard.

Drone cover and theft: are there any security requirements for my vehicle or where the equipment is kept?

If you fall victim to theft of your camera or photography equipment, then the following security requirements apply:

Requirements: At your insured location (where your equipment is usually kept, which should also be your main place of residence)

For cover to apply whilst your items are at your insured location, please be aware that your items must be kept within the main structure of your insured location.

Requirements: In-Vehicle Cover

Theft or attempted theft from a vehicle will only be covered if your insured item is stored out of sight, in an enclosed storage compartment, boot or luggage space. All vehicle doors and windows must be closed and securely locked, and all vehicle security systems activated.

Accidental damage that occurs in a vehicle is only covered if the insured item is in a purpose-designed equipment case.